Spending Account

This works like a traditional current / savings account except you earn daily interest at a rate of 3% per annum. There is no minimum balance requirement and you can make as many withdrawals as you wish.

Why you should open one:
  • Earn daily interest of 3% per annum on your spending account. No limit on withdrawals.
  • Deposit cash at any bank and get instant credit in your Kudimoney account.
  • Get cash back credited to your account when you use your card at any POS.
  • Control your ATM card completely from your device, including temporarily blocking your card in case of a security threat.
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Spend & Save

By now you know we are all about saving you as much money as possible. Spend & save helps you automatically save a little bit of money each time you make a purchase from your spending account. We simply help you build a float that you have access to at any time, think of it as an automated emergency fund.

Why you should activate this:
  • Activate and deactivate with just a click.
  • For every N1 spent we will move 10kobo into a special savings account for you.
  • You still earn daily interest at a rate of 3% per annum.
  • Never run out of cash.
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No Unnecessary Charges

You shouldn’t have to pay so much for keeping your money safe. Unlike other banks, we do not charge you when you spend from your spending account, after all it’s your money - in fact, we sometimes pay you for spending.

More reasons why you should open a Kudimoney spending account:
  • FREE interbank transfer: We give you the option to transfer to other banks for free, by maintaining a minimum balance in exchange for a certain number of free transfers.
  • FREE instant transaction notifications: elect for instant notification via your Kudimoney app.
    * If you choose sms notification this is charged at N2 per notification (half of what you are usually charged).
Let's Start  
Thanks Kudimoney, now I can save easily, on the go!

Sharon Egbo

I will admit i was a bit sceptical at first, but when I started seeing the returns I was simply amazed. #Thumbsup

Bola Williams

I have been using automatic savings and it’s been truly effortless to save. I can’t wait to open the spending account so I can stop incurring bank charges.

Todimu Abiodun

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Real-Time Alerts

You will receive real term alerts so that you always know what is happening in your account. If you ever suspect an unauthorised charge you can take control by temporarily blocking your card.

Privacy and Security

Your deposits are insured by the Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation, who are responsible for insuring all bank deposits in Nigeria. It is an entity owned by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Friendly Support

Have a question? Check our FAQ page for answers to frequently asked questions. You can also email us at help@kudimoney.com