• What Do You Mean by Corporate Member and Individual Member?

    Kudimoney is a members platform, this allows us to get to know our customers better even when they are not taking a loan, which in turn enables us to serve their needs better. Corporate members are those that their employers have partnered with kudimoney and as such have preferred interest rates. If you wish to become a corporate member, please inform your employer and ask them to partner with kudimoney.  Employers Signup

  • How Quickly Can I Get My Loan Approved?

    The speed of approval depends entirely on submission of all your required information. We will give you an instant offer conditional on corroborating the information you have provided. Upon all document verification your account will be credited within hours.

  • What Happens if I Have Difficulties Paying Back on Time?

    Late payments incur a penalty charge of 5% per day on the outstanding amount due, so it is important that you contact us when you are finding it difficult to pay on time. We will work with you to find a way for you to pay back based on your current circumstance.

  • Can I Pay Down Before My Due Date?

    Yes you can! Kudimoney does not charge early repayment penalties, and you will only pay interest on any outstanding loan you have. To illustrate, if you borrow N100,000 over 6months with a repayment of N20,000 per month, and decide to pay N50,000 after 3months, you will not need to pay any additional principal or interest as your outstanding principal borrowed after 3months is N50,000.

  • How Do I Repay My Kudimoney Loan?
    • Direct debit from debit card
    • Direct debit / Standing order from bank account
    • Direct bank transfer to Kudimoney account
    • Cheques
  • Do I Need to Come Into a Kudimoney Office?

    Absolutely not! The whole process from application to granting the loan can be done on line within the comfort of your home or anywhere you happen to be. All you need is access to the internet.

    You can however call our customer care number on xxxxxxx if you feel you need to speak to somebody from our office

  • What Do I Need to Do to Borrow From Kudimoney?
    • Register and become a member.
    • Fill the application form whenever you need a loan.


  • Who Can Apply for a Kudimoney Loan?

    At the moment only those working or living in Lagos who are in paid employment.

    You must have a current account in a Nigerian bank.

    We will be offering loans nationwide over the coming months as well as loans to SMEs across the country.